About Us

River Bloom is a premier international trading company with an established network spread far and wide, right across the globe.

Established in 2004, we are a team of traders and finance specialists who had come together to create a greater force than what they could have created by themselves.

Our endeavour here is to ensure accurate delivery with best pricing for all the items we trade in.

The diversity of items we trade across multiple realms, gives us a definitive edge over other trading firms whose focus areas tend to be rather limited.

Furthermore, one of the things we particularly excel in is networking. We have networks that span across Europe, Middle East and Africa providing on time pricing and delivery.

This by itself gives us an edge since we are then able to trade in items which are of interest across all of these varied parts of the world. Ultimately, these benefits span worldwide, since profits flow in from multiple quarters, towards the greater good of everyone concerned.

Further, the high profile connections that we have help us in mediating effectively between businesses, which would have been a significant challenge, had we not had these connections.

Therefore, given our reach – and the depth of items that we trade in, as well as the kind of prolific network connections we have made over the years, you surely would like to reach out to us, in order to see and experience firsthand the various ways in which you can benefit by associating with River Bloom.
For that, please feel free to Contact Us